The Mystery of Great-Grandma's Origins

I asked my Mom if she knew where Great-Grandma Kennedy was born. She brought out a box of old papers so I could look through them. I found some interesting things, but not a clear answer! My Grandma Damico (Florence Eva Kennedy Damico) always said her Mother was from Three Rivers, Ontario. We looked on the map and could not find a Three Rivers anywhere, however for all we knew there once was such a place at one time. Mom said she remembers her Grandma telling her she was born on an island in a river. If you look at the map you will find a city called Trois-Rivieres in Quebec which appears to be on an island! So... was Louise Serre born in Quebec or Ontario? Grandma Damico's birth certificate says she was born in Ontario, but does not name a city.

Update: A good friend did some research for me and she believes Louise was most likely born in Trenton, Ontario. Census reports helped her come to this conclusion.

My Great-Grandmother from Canada

Louise Serre Kennedy