To Miss Someone
© Cheryl Dawdy of The Chenille Sisters

To sit and watch the setting sun
To see the colors all in ribbons come undone
It's all I know, it's what I see
The rest is like a puzzle with a missing piece
And when I speak, the words that come
It is to say this: I miss someone

It's like a room that once was full
Now in it's place there is a space, an empty hole
It was a time that now is passed
It told me that the things we love don't always last
And in the night when sleep won't come
I only know this: I miss someone

It holds me close and won't let go
It's like some shadow that knows everything I know
When I'm alone, it whispers this
There is no way to run away from what you miss
And so I turn and let it come
And always know this: I miss someone

Used with permission ŠThe Chenille Sisters, 2002, All rights reserved